Noise Action Plan

Luton Airport reviewed with its consultative committee members an update to its Noise Action Plan. The Executive Summary of the Airport’s plan can be downloaded here: NAP 2014 Exec Sum

LADACAN has reviewed this plan, and our comments were submitted as part of the consultation, which finished in July 2014.

Essentially our views are summed up by the opening paragraphs of our response:

Section 5 of the Executive Summary “Identification of aircraft noise problems” sets out the key issues which affect local people, the five most important being:

  • Night operations
  • Noisier aircraft
  • Track-keeping
  • Arriving aircraft
  • Westerly departures

The Noise Action Plan should therefore contain Actions to address and mitigate these key issues. It is not sufficient, as Section 6 goes on to say, for LLAOL just to be committed to:

  • Monitor noise (monitoring has no beneficial effect without action to back it up)
  • Manage the effects of noise (this is relatively meaningless)
  • Listen and communicate (all very well, but…)
  • Review (what purpose is served unless concrete actions improve things?)

Instead, it is essential in a worthwhile NAP to commit to taking actions which will drive down noise and to mitigate its effects. The commitments need to be stronger and more definite than:

“..encourage improvements from airlines and other operators”
“ our approach with a view to delivering further improvement where necessary.”

We believe it appropriate that, having now secured planning permission, LLAOL should demonstrate real commitment to drive down noise wherever possible. This means incentivising the airlines, through gradually more stringent fines for noisy flights, to invest in lower-noise aircraft and to avoid flying at night.

Our full response can be downloaded by clicking LADACAN review of Draft Noise Action Plan 2014