LLAL roadshows

Community events organised by LLAL to explain their expansion proposals have now concluded. We asked the hard questions:

  • what exactly will the climate change impacts of 80,000 more flights be?
  • where exactly will these aircraft be flying after airspace redesign in 2025?
  • which company will be running the airport operation if this goes ahead?
  • who’s going to pay for all this new development?
  • why hasn’t Luton Borough Council declared a climate emergency yet?
  • how many jobs were created by the last expansion and where is the evidence?
  • why is all this money being risked when the advice is to fly less, not more?
  • why should we trust you when the last expansion has just made things noisier?
  • why hasn’t LBC enforced its planning conditions from last time around?

The real battle against further expansion will be waged with the help of our local and particularly County Councils, who will be preparing responses with an eye to the fact that the decision will be made by the Planning Inspectorate.

LADACAN has submitted a robust objection response.

THe detailed consultation documents can be found on the LLAL website at: https://futureluton.llal.org.uk