Expansion impact

This section looks in more detail at the impacts which the doubling of capacity at Luton Airport are expected to have on local communities.

Where has the information come from? From the data supplied in the airport expansion planning application, the environmental impact assessment, the planning conditions and the section 106 agreement. All of these can be found on the Luton Borough Council planning portal, by referencing planning application 12/01400/FUL.

Flights per hour – click to see how the number of flights per hour is expected to rise based on the airport’s own projections – and how this increase has been unfairly loaded on the very early morning and late evening periods, robbing local people of yet more sleep – because night flights at Luton are not regulated by government >> Link to page

Noise control – click to see how the planning conditions laid down by Luton Borough Council for Luton Airport expansion are flawed and effectively permit many more flights at night and fail to control night noise, having ignored expert input from LADACAN and others >> Link to page

Flight tracks – click to see where the arriving and departing planes from Luton Airport fly, and why these flights have such an impact on local towns and villages – particularly given the expansion plans to add 60% more flights on these routes >> Link to page