Noise complaints

If you are affected by the aircraft noise or pollution caused by the expansion at Luton Airport or the introduction of RNAV then make your views heard in all of these ways:

Complain to Luton Airport about noise
If you are bothered by aircraft noise at night, or if a particular day has been really noisy, use the Travis system to file a complaint. Search “Luton Travis” or click Travis and then use the green icon in the toolbar to log a general complaint. If a specific flight is off-track or particularly noisy, fill in a specific complaint and find the flight using Replay.

Alternatively you can phone 01582 395382 or email – and we suggest copying LADACAN using the address at the top of this page. First-time complainants are emailed an information pack by the airport. If the response to your complaint is too technical or does not give the information you need, let us know.

Complaints statistics are reviewed every 3 months by the Consultative Committees, so it is worth complaining responsibly in case issues are building up. Don’t be tempted to lodge hundreds of complaints since you will just be sidelined…

Complain to Luton Airport about pollution deposits and fly parking
If, like some people in South Luton, you find deposits of oily material in your garden, then complain to the Luton Airport environment office. Do this by filling in an online form at this link >> airport feedback form and also email LADACAN about the issue.

Also use the feedback form if you are bothered by people dumping cars and taking taxis to the airport, or overcrowding on trains as passengers get on at Luton Airport Parkway.

Contact your local councillor and MP
Make sure your local councillor is aware of your views – you can search for them on the Dacorum or St Albans District Council websites, and County Councillors can be found on by clicking “About the Council”. They are there to help.

You should also contact your MP using to send an email explaining how and why the noise from Luton Airport affects you, and what you would like them to raise on your behalf. For example, legislation to curb night flights at Luton, an investigation into the governance arrangements which allow Luton Borough Council free rein with planning controls, and the need for an independent noise regulator.

Let the CAA airspace regulator know your views on aircraft noise impact
Government policy is certainly an issue: they are keen not to restrict aviation even when much of it is frivolous and does not assist the economy. Lip-service is paid to concern over aircraft noise but there is no legislation to ensure it reduces over time rather than increases. The CAA is supposedly the regulator, but its job is to ensure airspace is used efficiently so as to permit more aircraft to fill the skies – hence RNAV flight concentration is being introduced, which produces a “motorway in the sky”. There is no independent noise regulator yet, and we are calling for this along with effective noise control.

If RNAV has been a particular problem for you, then make a complaint direct to the CAA using and use Quick Links to select “Make a complaint”, “Reports from the public”, “Aircraft Noise” and fill in form FCS 1521 and submit it. Worth the effort.