Airport wants to exceed passenger limit

Despite being in breach of noise planning limits, Luton Airport’s operators are now screening the approach needed to apply to the airport owners Luton Borough Council for permission to exceed passenger limits as well. This is a separate move to the plans being drawn up by the Council and its airport-holding company LLAL for a massive further expansion to 32-36 million passengers and some 100,000 extra flights.

The initial step to 19 million passengers being explored by the airport operator is no doubt the first of more incremental steps to, and is a step in the wrong direction for those concerned about the impacts of its noise and emissions. It is also being seen as a cynical move to exploit the faster growth incentivised by a sympathetic Council which is also the beneficiary of the financial rewards.

It also explains why the airport is so keen to be granted permission to break its Condition 10 limit and to have a generous additional noise contour area allowed. If the threatened additional noise and carbon emissions impact worries you, then see how to object to Condition 10 change on our Condition 10 objection page.

The screening document for 19 million passengers is at: 19/01006/EIASCR report