Airport operator quizzed over increased noise

Bosses from Luton Airport were called before the St Albans District Council scrutiny committee in May 2017 to be quizzed over the increasing noise impact of flights since the introduction of RNAV flight concentration.

LADACAN explained why things have got much worse for people on the ground due to:

  • the massive growth in flights (now 66% up on 2013 and rising fast)
  • larger and noisier aircraft in the mix flying from Luton
  • concentration of noise into a narrow band rather than being spread out

Our analysis of noise distribution showed that RNAV flight concentration has made all the planes sound similarly loud, so people on either side of the concentrated track now hear every flight: previously many were spread further away and could not be heard.

The airport operators described plans to raise aircraft to higher altitude and to consult on new routes which would take a proportion of the aircraft to the west and north rather than to the south after takeoff. Both these measures would do something to redress the balance of noise impact, but will take years to implement.

Some of our slides are below, or click here for the complete set >> RNAV presentation