About us

LADACAN is a residents’ group concerned about the impact of continued expansion of Luton Airport on the surrounding communities. We believe that the Airport’s location on top of a hill and so close to its town and other rural communities makes it completely unsuited to further increases in air traffic.

LADACAN was formed in 1968 when Luton Airport first started to expand, and has represented the views of communities all around the airport during successive waves of expansion. LADACAN made history in 2005 by successfully challenging the “Future of Air Transport” White Paper in the High Court. During the 2012/3 expansion campaign, LADACAN exerted significant pressure for recognition of existing noise regulations and succeeded in forcing Luton Borough Council to constrain noise contours within the boundaries laid down in 1999.

Without LADACAN, current airport operations at Luton would have been even more intrusive. It is now more important than ever to fight for recognition of the basic rights of local residents for a reasonable quality of life. We do this by using our seats on the airport consultative committees, as well as through press campaigns and targeted demonstrations with the assistance of our membership.

Airports are noisy and polluting operations back by strong political lobbies which choose not to recognise that aviation is the fastest-growing source of greenhouse gases as well as exporting jobs and money overseas on cheap holiday flights. We encourage people to start thinking about flying responsibly for the sake of future generations.

To contact LADACAN, please use the following email address:


If you live in the area affected Luton Airport, you can join LADACAN for a £10 life membership, and attend our occasional public meetings as well as receive email updates. Please email us your details and our membership secretary will contact you.

If you have specific knowledge about aircraft, noise control, flight operations, campaigning – or are just interested to contribute in a more hands-on way, do let us know.