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Civil Aviation Authority rubber-stamps Luton flight concentration
Almost five years after introduction of the first concentrated flight path at Luton, the CAA has runner-stamped the implementation without addressing the tough questions which we raised in 2017>> Post Implementation Review

Luton Airport’s owners want a massive further increase in capacity by adding 14 million more passengers on top of the 18 million a year already using the Airport, so they can make even more money at the expense of quality of life for all of us.

Local people are very concerned about the proposed expansion because it would:

  • cause 77,000 extra journeys a day on congested roads and rail services
  • increase local pollution and contribution to climate change by over 50%
  • add a further 80,000 flights a year to our already noisy and crowded skies

The pre-application consultation has now finished, LADACAN submitted robust objections, and we wait to hear whether the project moves forwards or not.


Luton Airport wants to break yet another planning condition
Not content with breaching its night noise planning condition, Luton Airport now wants to exceed its 18-million passenger limit, without delivered the mitigations which went hand-in-hand with the growth permission. >> Airport wants to exceed passenger limit

We objected to application to exceed noise contour limits
Planning Condition 10 is designed to keep Luton Airport growth in balance: more flights, but quieter planes. The airport has rushed the growth ahead of the quieter planes, and now wants the rules set aside. We objected strongly >> Object to Condition 10 Variation

What’s Condition 10 Variation all about? Click here to visit our FAQ page

Airspace change proposals for easterly arrivals
Luton Airport is working with National Air Traffic Services to redesign the arrivals traffic patterns and separate the Luton and Stansted holds. People in the affected area need to let us know their views on proposed options by Sep 17th. >> Arrivals options

LADACAN responds to Aviation 2050 consultation
LADACAN has responded to the DfT’s consultation on future aviation policy with a hard-hitting message: put the environment and people’s health before incessant growth in kerosene-based aviation, for the sake of the planet. >> Consultation response

Luton Airport noise reduction plans are stalled until 2025
Luton Airport has admitted that noise reduction plans which it committed to at a public meeting in May 2015 have stalled due to the clogged and out-of-date UK Airspace. LADACAN is calling on politicians to act decisively. >> Noise plans stall

Luton Airport owners LLAL want to double capacity yet again
Luton Borough Council’s subsidiary LLAL which owns the airport is consulting on its plans to double capacity yet again from 18 to 36 million passengers and 240,000 flights a year – see LADACAN’s thoughts on this “sham” consultation.
>> Luton Airport further growth

Respite routes and quieter departure procedures: essential mitigations to noise
Luton Airport’s proposed changes to the concentrated RNAV route which has caused so many people to become really upset by aircraft noise have been declared unworkable. How can the noise impact be reduced in a joined-up way >> Airspace change

Why is there so much more aircraft noise from Luton Airport these days?
Luton Airport is getting busier far more quickly than we were told it would when Luton Borough Council gave it permission to double its capacity. Why? Because the Council’s airport holding company LLAL incentivised rapid growth by discounting the concession fee payable to operate the airport. Click for details about 87% more flights, more noisy hours in the day, larger and noisier aircraft, and how to complain >> Aircraft noise

Who are we and what do we do?
LADACAN stands for the Luton And District Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise. We are members of the Airport’s Consultative Committee and we fight against aircraft noise and further expansion of Luton Airport, given that its planes overfly so many rural towns and villages as well as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. To find out more about what we do and to join LADACAN, click here >> About us

To download our recent newsletter, click this link >> LADACAN newsletter

To download the slides from our recent AGM, click here >> AGM slides

LADACAN fully supports the creation of an independent aircraft noise regulator and new legislation compelling airports to reduce noise by forcing airlines to fly quieter planes, by banning the noisiest aircraft, and by restricting night flights. We have co-signed a strong statement by the Aviation Communities Forum >> ACF statement

LADACAN submitted a report to the CAA RNAV Post-Implementation Review process which highlights the issues with flight concentration >> Runway 26 RNAV PIR

Reasons for increased aircraft noise at Luton Airport:

People all around Luton Airport are reporting many more flights coming one after the other, noisier aircraft, and being kept awake at night by planes. Complaints have risen dramatically since permission to double the airport’s capacity was granted by its owner Luton Borough Council in 2013. These graphs show just how fast it’s getting worse.

Luton Airport told us in 2014 that there would be 124,000 flights during 2017, but in fact there were 135,000 – largely because Luton Borough Council incentivised them to grow faster than predicted in order to make more money.

The increase in flights has not been fairly distributed: the westerly “RNAV” route which deliberately bends south-west over Pepperstock and Slip End, between Markyate and Flamstead, past Redbourn, over Childwickbury and Redbournbury, between South Harpenden and North St Albans before flying directly over Sandridge, has seen a massive 87% increase in aircraft since 2013 – and reduction in altitude past Redbourn.

We were promised quieter aircraft to counteract the noise of additional flights – but now larger and noisier aircraft like the Airbus A321 are being used in place of smaller and quieter A319s so as to cram in more passengers. A handful of A320neo (new engine option) planes are now used, but they do not offset the huge increase in flights.

The number of night flights has more the doubled since 2013. There are no government restrictions on night flights from Luton Airport – it has a 24 hour license. During the night, noisy cargo planes fly to and from Turkey for example.

To find out how you can make your voice heard, see our Complaints page

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