LADACAN snapshot

Who are we?
LADACAN stands for the Luton And District Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise. We are a residents’ group concerned primarily about the impacts of Luton Airport expansion on noise, air pollution and surface transport congestion. To find out more about what we do, to contact us and to join LADACAN, click here >>

To download our latest newsletter, click this link: LADACAN newsletter July 2014

What influence do we have?
LADACAN has a seat on the London Luton Airport Consultative Committee (LLACC) and on its Noise and Track Subcommittee (NTSC). These committees, comprising of local councillors and representatives of local communities as well as the airport and the airlines, meet every 3 months to discuss issues of concern. See for more information.

What is currently happening?
Luton Airport is getting busier more quickly than the operators say they had anticipated when the Planning Application for capacity expansion was made. As a result, numbers of flights and aircraft noise due to heavier loading are increasing faster than the hoped for investment in aircraft with slightly quieter engines.

One of the Planning Conditions which emerged as a result of the recently granted expansion planning application has been challenged by the airport and the airlines. This Condition governs the noise levels above which flights are fined. For more on this story and to see the LADACAN input, click here >>

In September 2015 Luton Airport introduced a system called RNAV to control aircraft navigation more tightly on one of its departure routes. It is intended to keep aircraft from overflying Hemel and St Albans, by keeping them more closely on the designated route. For more details click here >>

The Noise Action Plan for Luton Airport has been reviewed and updated, and LADACAN was involved in the consultation. We sought to influence the airport operators LLAOL to give it more teeth. For more on this story and to see the LADACAN consultation response, click here >>

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